Move over, Fatt Preston, you’ve got nothing on this guy.

The travel channel is no Lonely Planet TV. It’s not exactly highbrow. In fact, it would be more accurate to say it’s downright LOWBROW. One of their main drawcards seems to be a show called “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches”, wherein an exceedingly blonde, exceedingly bland girl (named Bridget) travels to the world’s *sexiest* beaches to prance around in a bikini. RIVETING stuff.

But I think we should all thank the dark overlords of american television for bringing Man Vs Food into existence, for it provides a vital service to the local, nay world, community. Let me elaborate. The basic premise of Man Vs Food is that this guy, Adam Richman, a regular joe schmoe (masters graduate in drama), travels around the countryside trying out the best and best-worst “pig out” food America has to offer. These are often to be found in mom and pop restaurants, small chains, diners, pizza shops and truck stops, and frequently involve “american cheese”, “trans fats” and/or fries as main ingredients. So he rocks up to these places, does a bit of history, background, local colour, then zeroes in on the special du jour- usually some kind of horrifying food challenge that involves eating something much bigger than his face in a set amount of time.

As he modestly points out, he “has no experience in competitive eating” (mercifully he’s an amateur, not a pro), but he’s willing to give it all a shot. Win, fail, puke, or all three at once.

Some of the regional delights I have witnessed him eating so far:

In Memphis, The Sasquatch: a 7 pound burger on a bun the size of a bar stool, which he could only finish 3/4 of, in 53 minutes (see- amateur!)

In Pittsburgh, The Primati Sandwich: hand cut slices of italian bread encasing steak/roast beef/beer battered fish, with a range of trimmings including coleslaw, tomato, mayo and a good FISTFUL of hand cut fries…

And finally, a stack of pancakes that included strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate chips that would’ve sent me into a type 2 diabetic coma…

Are you getting the picture now? This man goes where many of us dare not. He absolves you of the need to try any of these things for yourself, such is the viscerality of this televisual experience, replete with close ups, sound effects, and his panting enthusiasm for EVERYTHING put before him.

Part of you is salivating, and part of you is trying to hold back the vomit.

A video and some screen shots to give you a *taste*:



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