Our Wedding

In which I entered the term “our wedding” into the google images search engine and cherry picked my favourite results…

I love the ensemble wedding party photos- something about the repetition and difference and mass ornament of the bride and groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen is deeply, deeply satisfying.

I tried to pick out photos that showed different interpretations of the “traditional” wedding.  Not as in, zany theme weddings or anything, but just photos that somehow spoke to me of a couple (or just a bride) trying to express themselves through this incredibly bankrupt, commodified, tired old institution- still, now, in this day and age- trying and sometimes apparently succeeding, in getting something meaningful out of it. Am particularly fascinated by couples who are decidedly excluded from the “white wedding” vision/cliche/marketing fantasy, who still choose to use it as a template for their wedding ritual.

There’s a great photo of the bride’s hair which totally sums up, well, something about weddings- the bride is kissing her groom, but he, and the kiss, is almost totally out of shot. It’s ALL ABOUT THE HAIR. It’s intricacy, degree of styling difficulty, the effort it displays, where it places her. Amazing.

Also, who can resist a puppy with a stupid costume on? Riddle me that, batman.

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