Anatomy of a Cosmopolitan/Brisbane Bride

Luke forgot to create an aisle of fresh rose petals for me to walk down.

We wanted a casual wedding based around an art-nouveau theme with an African twist.

It’s amazing how a price can double at the mere mention of a wedding.

The Groom’s mother has a right to have a say in the guest list.

I carried white freesias, lisianthus, and spear grass, while the bridesmaids had a smaller version with the addition of privet berries and safflowers.

My bouquet featured roses, ostrich feathers and crystals.

Don’t feel comfortable asking your guests for cash only, but don’t have room for more homewares?

The night will be full of fun and naughty activities like “pass the sexy parcel”, “truth or lie” and “guess what’s in the bag”.

The majority of brides want to get super fit and healthy for their wedding day.

Admit it – you’ve always wanted to stay at a 5-star hotel, but could never justify the cost, right? Well now you have the perfect excuse.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s recently been a shift in people’s attitudes to home weddings.

I also wore an elegant pair of diamond Cubism earrings that were specially crafted to move with the wearer.

Tall bullet vases were filled with cream roses, dodder vine and twisted willow.

We wanted our guests to feel like they were at a big party, and the styling of the day just evolved from there.

We made over a hundred flowers out of tissue paper and ribbon.

Michael and my parents spent months laying turf, building a deck and landscaping the gardens for our ceremony.

Black and white, with touches of red, and a modern, vintage style.

I planted 70 baby olive trees in terracotta pots and tied the guests place cards around the stems.

I wore it in a messy knot at the nape of my neck, framed with an ivory, rectangular, chapel-length veil with blusher.

It was a floor-length, milk-coloured, silk gown with scalloped, georgette trim, a low back and trailing georgette bow.

It’s really important to have basic make-up colours- matte beige, white, taupe or brown.

The goal was to reach 52kg, which my doctor advised was a healthy weight for my height.

We had a four tier cake, with 130 white roses separating the tiers.

Cheeks radiate in iridescent peachy berry tones.

We chose this song because it worked well with our first dance which we practiced using “The Ultimate Wedding Dance DVD” by Serghei and Natalie

Love is in the details…

A minimum of three minutes and a maximum of seven minutes is recommended to keep everyone entertained and the formalities moving at a good pace.

It’s normal for guests to change places at the same table. Don’t be offended by this.

It goes by so fast that it feels like a dream.

Do not try and control what is beyond your control.

Our ceremony was short and simple, centred around our love for Jesus.


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