Alice Chang – Extended Vocal Technique

This is the first in a series of test shoots working with Alice Chang, a sound artist with whom I have collaborated in the past. Previously, she has created sound tracks for my video works, and so I am excited about the prospect of creating a video for her sound work.
I am interested in making a video work which documents her vocal performance, which I find strange, compelling and very emotional. Over the last couple of years she has been working with extended vocal techniques- both as elements of composed sound works, and now as live performance.

I don’t want the end result to be just a straight documentation, so to this end I am experimenting with shooting her in different locations and contexts- including in a liver performance setting (in front of an audience) and in a studio setting with controlled lighting.
This was shot in her home studio with natural lighting, and is edited together from multiple takes.
Instinctively I feel like the visual needs to be a bit more dynamic than it currently is- I like the switching between takes, and would like to expand that, but feel like the colours are a bit flat (although maybe I like the contrast between the subdued image, and the dynamic sound?).


2 responses to “Alice Chang – Extended Vocal Technique

  1. an amazing performance. alice is extraordinary.
    This already seems well edited – I did find myself imagining the sound as a track behind other images – it might be good to cut to samples of how the sounds could be used.

  2. Yeah, I imagine eventually incorporating some other imagery- maybe even just using lighting. But at the moment just capturing the performance in different environments – observing it- then based on that, will maybe try to compose it into something else. Glad you like it btw!

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