Footscrayism Part 2

Of course, apart from my own videos, there was a huge body of work produced by the participants I worked with, namely: Johanna Lafferte, Josh Howie and Billie Whitbread. With varying levels of experience, but buckets of talent and creativity, they were a great group to work with- open-minded, responsive and really keyed into their community.

The photos they produced were ace and there is some documentation above, and the text from the floor sheet below.

Josh Howie
Johanna Lafferte
Jessica Scott
Billie Whitbread

Created over six months, using digital cameras, polaroid film, video and paint, these works together form a multilayered portrait of Footscray, drawing strongly on each artist’s personal relationship to the people and places around them.

Each participant volunteered to be part of the project, meeting regularly and taking their cameras out with them on the street to try and capture their own vision of Footscray. The period of the project turned out to be a tumultuous time for Lentil as Anything: a period of uncertainty, transition and ultimately resilience, which is reflected in the work.

A Footscrayism is something both dark and light, bitter and sweet, funny and tragic, and strong and fragile all at the same time. It embodies, rather than pays lip service to, words like community and diversity – here, where they are every day realities, necessities, facts of life.

Footscrayism is an outcome of the New Skin Artist in Residence program at Barkly Arts Centre, 2011.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Rae & Bennett Fine Art Printers


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